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Certified organic mushroom spawn.

The organic mushrooms grown by Biobritte Mushrooms are certified organic by the India Department of Agriculture. Our organic mushrooms are produced using methods that preserve the environment and avoid synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics. Our certified organic mushrooms are produced under the defined set of standards to produce organic food and fiber as determined by the India Department of Agriculture. There is not a big difference in how organic and conventional mushrooms are grown. Synthetic pesticides are not allowed in organic production. Buy organic mushrooms and mushroom spawns from the Biobritte. You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart. Organic mushroom kits are available online in the Biobritte shop.

Biobritte supply following different types of mushroom spawns at an affordable price:-

  1. Grey oyster (Pleurotus Sajorcaju )
  2. Blue oyster (Pleurotus ostretus )
  3. White oyster (Pleurotus Florida)
  4. Pink oyster (Pleurotus Djamor)
  5. Shittake (Lentinula Edodes)
  6. Ganderma (Ganoderma Lucidium)
  7. Lion’s mane (Hericium Evinaceus)

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