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Mushroom growing kit for home.

These curious but tasty fungi are typically grown indoors rather than in the garden, but beyond this, it's certainly possible to grow mushrooms at home. You can purchase mushroom growing kits, but it's also possible to set up your own area for growing mushrooms. Biobritte will provide you a mushroom kit with the best quality and best price, and online delivery service is also available.

A natural reproductive process for mushrooms is to produce spores. Spores are produced when mushroom caps reach maturity and open, releasing spores. Most of the spores fall and stay inside or around the kit, but some do drift away. If the spores are in heavy enough concentration and close to an item they may discolor it. Clean up can usually be done by washing with soap and water. It is a good idea to place a few sheets of newspaper under the kit, and keep the kit at least two feet away from furniture or walls. You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart.

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