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Biobirtte provides mushroom cultivation training in a proper way.

The training duration is 1/3/5 days.

Biobritte provides a mushroom kit and certification for the trainee.

Following are the Characteristics of mushrooms:-

  • Mushroom lacks chlorophylly 
  • They cannot make their own foody 
  • Mushroom obtain their nutrition either by saprophytic or parasitic or symbiotic means
  • They varied widely in size and shape
  • Mushrooms may be edible, non-edible, medicinal,
  • Poisonous and miscellaneous in nature 

Advantages of growing oyster mushroom:-

  • Variety of substrates
  • Simple cultivation technology:
  • Longer shelf life:
  • High productivity: 

You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart.

Contact :- 9923806933 / 7709709816

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