Buy Black Poplar Mushroom Ready to Fruit Kit (1 kg- Block) | Black Poplar Mushrooms

Buy Black Poplar Mushroom Ready to Fruit Kit (1 kg- Block) 

Product Name: Black Poplar Mushroom Ready to Fruit Kit

Black Poplar Mushroom

Scientific name:  Cyclocybe aegerita

Product type: Freshly Prepared or spawned 

Block weight: 1-1.3 Kg

Medium: Sawdust


Cyclocybe aegerita, also called Agrocybe cylindracea, Agrocybe aegerita or Pholiota aegerita, is a mushroom in the genus Cyclocybe which is commonly known as the poplar mushroom, chestnut mushroom, or velvet pioppini (Chinese: cha shu gu, 茶树菇, literally "Tea Tree Mushroom"). In Japan, it is called Yanagi-matsutake (Japanese:柳松茸).

  • The mushroom is cultivated commercially and it is typical of both South European and Chinese cooking.
  • In Asia, it is used fresh and rehydrated in various dishes, including stir-fry, soup, stew, and hot pot. It has a soft cap and a harder stem. 
  • Black Poplar, or “Piopinno” in Italian, is a clustering, meaty mushroom with a nutty and crunchy flavor, it prefers hardwood logs half buried lengthwise in a wooded or garden setting that is shady and can sometimes naturalize into wood chip piles outdoors. 
  • Will also fruit on supplemented, sterilized sawdust indoors 

Storage and shelf life
This mushroom block can be stored at 2-8 degree celcius for longer storage.  

Flavour and use 
  • This mushroom has shown a significant immune boosting function concentrating on anti-fungal properties. 
  • Another delicious, edible medicinal mushroom! 
  • This one can be chopped and sautéed in oil and pepper, sprinkled onto a cold salad with feta cheese and a herbal vinaigrette. 
  • Also wonderful sautéed and added to gravies for meat dishes. 

Nutritional benefits
  • The black poplar mushroom possesses high nutritional and therapeutic value with significant antioxidant, antimutagenic, antitumor, antifungal, hypercholesterolemic, hypoglycemic and hyperlipidemic, immunomodulating and lipid peroxidation inhibitory properties.
  • Black poplar mushroom is rich in selenium.
  • Treat hyperuricemia.
  • Anti-microbial properties of poplar mushroom
  • Antifungal properties of poplar mushroom
  • Black poplar mushroom is rich in nutrients
  • Anti-aging properties of poplar mushroom
  • Manage diabetes
  • Treat cancer and inflammation
  • Boost immune system
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Antioxidant properties

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