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How to grow oyster mushroom in a waste plastic bottle

The cultivation of specialty mushrooms under controlled environments using plastic bottles and small bags containing axenic substrate. 

They utilize fully automated systems with specialized equipment. 

A key advantage of plastic bottle cultivation is that it makes it possible to produce mushrooms in areas with limited land availability.

Most large-scale mushroom production companies and cooperative farms adopt bottle cultivation. 

Oyster mushrooms are one of the easiest varieties of mushrooms to grow on waste coffee grounds and in other ways.

Remember that ideally, the place you choose must have good ventilation, a light-dark 12 hours cycle, a temperature between 14 and 16 degrees, and a constant humidity of 95%. 

For that, you can vaporize various times per day (a hygrometer helps here) with un-chlorinated water and you can even add a few drops of hydrogenated water (H2O2) as mycelium likes this when fructifying, and it helps keeping the environment clean. 

When the pins are out, you can reduce humidity to 80-90% for the best fructification.

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