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Biobritte agro solutions private limited Company exports, imports, manufactures and supplies mushrooms, mushroom spawn since 2016, Based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, our company is recognized all over the world for the types of products that we sell and the quality. 

We have fresh mushrooms, dry mushrooms, mushroom powder, mushroom extracts, mushroom food products, mushroom spawn, mushroom pure culture and much more. 

All these are grown in our company with care. We have appointed experienced farmers and agriculturists who help us grow these mushrooms. We also import some of our products from renowned sources.

We have a huge infrastructure and farms where all these products are grown. We do not use any harmful pesticides or fertilizers which cause trouble. All our products are free from harmful particles and components and these are safe for the human body. We understand that quality and fresh product is what our clients love. Therefore we make sure that the products that we manufacture and supply are of good quality and 100% safe and secured.

Quality Assurance

The products that we have listed on our website are pure and free from harmful components. We test all these following certain parameters set by the industry. All our products are certified. We use mechanic cleaning process to clean our products and also pack them hygienically.

Order our products in required quantity and get it delivered within a limited time frame.

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