Chaga Mushroom Company in Kerala | Mushroom company | Biobritte mushroom company

Chaga Mushroom Company in Kerala | Mushroom company | Biobritte mushroom company

Chaga Mushroom Company in Kerala.

Chaga mushrooms are easy to recognize. They have a black, crumbly, cinder-like exterior and a brown to yellow mottled, corky interior.

In nature, the Chaga fungus is a primary pathogen of birch, eventually killing its host. 

Chaga usually penetrates the tree through the injuries on its bark. 

It then gradually spreads vertically and laterally through the trunk, causing a white heart rot.

Chaga Mushroom Company in Kerala

Chaga reduces Cancer Cell Growth And Prevent Cancer, Promote A Healthy Gut, Manage Inflammation And Related Conditions, Protect Your Liver, and Might Control Vitiligo And Pigmentation Issues, etc.

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