What are the equipment required for mushroom cultivation?

For effective mushroom cultivation, the proper technique, tools, and equipment for mushroom cultivation are important.


The following is the list of Tools, Equipment, and Materials for Mushroom Cultivation.

1. Measuring tape 

2 . Rooms for Mushroom Growing 

3. Exhaust Fan 

4. Desert cooler 

5. Thermometers 

6. Hygrometers 

7. Luxmeter 

8. Box for Mushroom Transportation 

9. Straw Immersion tank 

10. Tulu Pump set 

11. Sprayer 

12. Chaff Cutter 

13. Trays for mushroom cultivation 

14. Bamboo for platform and trays As required

15. Polythene As required

16. Paddy straw As required

17. Spawn bottles As required

18. Chemicals for sterilization and processing As required

19. Weighing balance 01 No.

20. Refrigerator for storing spawn (small) 01 No.

Note:- The above equipment quantity is may be different, it basically depends on the mushroom farming area. ( small or large area cultivation)

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