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Shiitake is known for its dark brown and umbrella-shaped caps, which add a unique, visual twist to all recipes. 

The distinct shape can make even the simplest dishes interesting, especially when cooked whole and used in clear soups. Shiitake caps are often covered with white flecks, which shows that the mushroom is fresh and perfect to eat. 

Shiitake Mushrooms have a meaty texture and a rich, earthy flavor which adds beauty to any dish, particularly Japanese and Chinese dishes.

Shiitake is very easy to prepare and cook. It captures the taste of the orient and no self-respecting stir fry dish is complete without it. 

Shiitake also tastes great in omelets and fritters due to its subtle yet flavourful characteristics. For the more adventurous cook, pancakes, quiche, and tarts come alive with the addition of shiitake’s unique yet delicious multiple attributes.

Shiitake Mushrooms- Sources of vitamins

Shiitake Mushrooms have high levels of B vitamins, which assist in the daily function of

our bodies and assists in helping to release energy from the foods that we eat.

At home, Shiitake can last between seven and ten days if kept in a sealed pack and refrigerated between 3 and 5 degrees.

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