Cultivation Techniques of ganoderma mushroom spawn | Biobirtte mushroom spawn

The cultivation technology of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum commonly called Reishi mushroom has been standardized on locally available substrates.


The flow chart of the technology is as follows:-

- A mixture of wet sawdust and rice bran

- Fill one Kg wet substrate (65% moisture) into Polypropylene bags, plug with non-absorbent cotton

- Sterilization of the substrate (121°C, 15 lb pressure for 60-90 minutes in autoclave)

- Cool the bags to room temperature

- Spawning (Aseptically, 5% of the wet substrate)

- Spawn running in the darkroom (28-30°C, 25-35 days)

Above are the basic techniques of cultivation techniques of Ganoderma mushroom spawn.

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