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For spawn substrate, H. tessulatus inoculated in black beans, green monggo beans, and green peas promoted the most abundant mycelia run. 

Ground corn and sorghum grains gave the fastest but thinner growth. Moreover, paddy straw exemplified the fastest mycelia run on fruiting bags than sawdust which is used commonly. 

Cultivation of mushrooms such as Hypsizygus tessulatus, a proficient for different valuable uses supplemented the most suited and finest culture media, spawn substrates, and fruiting substrates. 

For optimal requirements of culture media, the most suitable temperature for H. tessulatus ranges from 20-25° C while the range 10-15° C was determined as a low efficient requirement.

Methods of  Shimeji mushroom cultivation:-

  • Composition of Culture Media
  • Effect of Different Spawn Substrates
  • Effect of pH
  • Effect of Temperature

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