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In terms of mushroom cultivation, the king oyster mushroom can be cultivated on cellulose-rich substrates like sugar cane mulch, straw, and corn cob

King oyster grows best on supplemented hardwood sawdust in autoclavable grow bags.

King oyster mushroom is considered as the best one of all Pleurotus species due to its excellent culinary properties and longest shelf life than any other oyster mushroom. It has a pleasant aroma of almond and a taste of Abalone.

This mushroom has been successfully cultivated in District Solapur (Maharashtra) and the cultivator is Sagar Patil. during January 2017 - March 2017. Wheat straw was used as a substrate for growing this mushroom. 

It was washed in fresh water and then pasteurized in the solution of Formaldehyde (500ppm) and Bavistin (75ppm)for 18 hours. 

On the following day, it was spread over a clean and inclined cemented floor to drain off excess water. Plastic bag technology was used in this experiment.

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