Grain Based Mushroom Spawn Available | Mushroom spawns | Biobritte mushroom spawns

Grain Based Mushroom Spawn Available | Mushroom spawns | Biobritte mushroom spawns

Grain-Based Mushroom Spawn Available.

Grain spawn is the living culture of a fungus, called mycelium, growing on a grain-based material, or substrate. 

It can be used as a tool for expanding the amount of fungal material you have, through inoculation.

Serving a similar function to seeds, spawn is what growers use to start cultivating mushrooms.

Grain Based Mushroom Spawn Available

Grain spawns of 

  • King Oyster Mushroom, 
  • Grey Oyster Mushroom, 
  • Yellow Oyster Mushroom, 
  • Shiitake, 
  • Lion’mane, 
  • Enokitake, 
  • Shimeji…

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