All Basic Information About Reishi Mushroom | Reishi Mushroom Exporter| Buy Reishi Mushroom Online

All Basic Information About Reishi Mushroom | Reishi Mushroom Exporter| Buy Reishi Mushroom Online
All Basic Information About Reishi Mushroom.                                          


What Is Reishi Mushroom?
  • Reishi mushroom is an edible mushroom
  • Reishi supplements, commonly sold as capsules or powders, contain material from the dried fruiting body (the top or "mushroom") with or without material from mycelia (the branch-like network that gives rise to the fruiting body).
  • Compounds in reishi thought to be biologically active are 1,3-beta-D-glucan, which is found in both the fruiting body and mycelia and ganoderic acids, different sets of which are found in the fruiting body as compared to the mycelia. 
  • Extracts are also available in which these compounds are more concentrated than in whole dried reishi.

What are the health benefits of reishi? 

  • Reishi supplements made from the fruiting body are commonly promoted for "strengthening" the immune system, as well as for lowering blood sugar, improving cardiovascular function, protecting from liver damage, and reducing cancerous tumors. 
  • However, the evidence supporting these effects is based on small, short-term studies. More research is needed to confirm these effects.
Which brand of reishi is best? 

  • Biobritte Agro is a top mushroom company and biobritte's reishi mushrooms are best all over India.

How to choose a reishi product? 

  • When choosing a reishi product, be aware that products that list large amounts of polysaccharides do not necessarily provide large amounts of 1,3-beta-D-glucan (a polysaccharide). 
  • Instead, they may simply contain large amounts of alpha-glucan, a common polysaccharide in grains, because reishi is grown on grains. This is most common with products listing mycelial biomass.
How to use reishi? 

  • It's not clear if reishi supplements are best taken with or without food, although limited evidence indicated that food may inhibit the absorption of certain ganoderic acids.

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