Cordyceps Mushroom Training In Washim | Cordyceps Mushroom Cultivation Training In Maharashtra | How To Cultivate Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps Mushroom Training In Washim | Cordyceps Mushroom Cultivation Training In Maharashtra | How To Cultivate Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps Mushroom Training In Washim

  • Cordyceps is used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, nighttime urination, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, liver disorders, dizziness, weakness, ringing in the ears, unwanted weight loss
  • Cordyceps Militaris is mainly produced in China, India, Nepal, and Bhutan. 
  • It is a complex of the larva and larval carcass of Cordyceps Militaris, a fungus of the ergot family, parasitic on the larva of the bat and moth family. 
  • The main active components are cordyceps militaris acid and cordyceps militaris polysaccharide, which are beneficial to human absorption. 
      • The special medical care function of cordycepin has been highly valued by experts at home and abroad. Many cordyceps-based health products, health foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals have been put on the market.
      • The functions and benefits of Cordyceps mainly include regulating immune system function, anti-fatigue, replenishing lung and kidney, stretching and stopping bleeding, removing phlegm, secreting gas, whitening, and blackening.

        •  Follow are the functions & benefits of organic cordyceps.
          1. Strengthen the body & improve immunity.
            2. Improve the respiratory system.
              3. It can conducive to the regulation of the heart and brain system.
                4. It can regulate blood lipids in the body, improve high blood pressure, high blood fat, and high blood sugar.
                  5. It can soothing and soothing, have a good auxiliary treatment for insomnia, dreams, and neurasthenia.

                  Cordyceps Mushroom Training In India
                  CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM

                  Three Days Training

                  17000 Rs


                  • Introduction to Cordyceps militaris mushrooms

                  • Health benefits of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms

                  • Economic importance of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms

                  • Opportunities in Cordyceps militaris cultivation

                  • How to start cultivation

                  • Substrate and substrate preparation

                  • Required growing house facilities

                  • Low-cost mushroom growing

                  • Cordyceps militaris mushroom products

                  • Marketing strategy

                  • Visit mushroom laboratory

                  Cordyceps Mushroom Training In Maharashtra
                  CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM

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