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What is the major problems in mushroom cultivation?

There are no major problems; there are very many challenges. Insects and diseases haven’t been mentioned yet.

For example in 1997 shiitake growers in Oregon suddenly found badly deformed mushrooms and major losses of yield. 

It was finally discovered that a bacterium had attacked the mushrooms and was spreading from farm to farm. 

Some farms went out of business and others had to remove their entire crop, clean their facilities and start over. 

What is the major problems in mushroom cultivation?

Mushroom flies are a constant problem. Their larvae eat mushroom mycelium after the flies lay their eggs there. 

Indoor growers do their best to seal off their grow rooms so the flies can’t get in in the first place. 

Then they come up with ways to catch the few that do get it - saucer of vinegar or sticky tape to attract and capture the flies etc. There are also pesticides available. 

There are several very serious diseases of button/brown/portabella (agaricus) and other mushrooms. 

Thee include La France, verticillium, mildew, trichoderma, bacterial blotch, mummy, nematodes, and viruses. 

Thus sanitation is critical in mushroom cultivation as is very careful control of humidity, temperature, CO2, compost development and other growth factors. 

Basically growers want to control the environment to support mushroom growth without supporting growth of various diseases.

Some mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, tend to be very vigorous and grow well, thus beating out many competitors and diseases. 

That’s why beginners often start with oyster mushrooms. Still mushroom flies love them and environmental control is critical to produce high quality mushrooms and high enough yields to be profitable.

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