Mother spawn mushroom | Mushroom spawn | Biobritte mushroom spawn

Mother spawn mushroom | Mushroom spawn | Biobritte mushroom spawn

Mother spawn mushroom.

Mother spawn is nothing but the mushroom fungus grown on a grain-based medium.

The sterilized bags are placed inside the culture room and put on the UV light. 

After 20 minutes put off the UV light and take in the well-grown mother spawn. 

Mother spawn mushroom

Transfer spawn from the mother spawns to sterilized bags @ 10 g per bag. 

After inoculation, the spawn bags are kept in a clean room for fungal growth.

Among the several substrate materials tested by TNAU, Coimbatore, sorghum grains is the best substrate for excellent growth of the fungus. 

Disease-free sorghum grains are used as substrates for growing spawn materials.

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