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Mushroom bed preparation

Procedure - 

  • Wash hands thoroughly with antiseptic lotion.
  • Take the polythene cover and tie the bottom end with a thread and turn it inwards.
  • Shade dry steam-sterilized straw to get a uniform moisture level in all areas.
  • Take out a well-grown bed spawn, squeeze thoroughly and divide into two halves. (Two beds are prepared from the single spawn bag)
  • Fill the straw to a height of 3” in the bottom of the polythene bag, take a handful of spawn and sprinkle over the straw layer, concentrating more on the edges.  

Mushroom bed preparation

  • Fill the second layer of the straw to a height of 5” and spawn it as above.
  • Repeat this process to get five straw layers with spawns. 
  • Gently press the bed and tie it tightly with a thread.
  • Put 6 ventilation holes randomly for ventilation as well as to remove excess moisture present inside the bed.
  • Arrange the beds inside the thatched shed, (Spawn running room) following the Rack system or hanging rope system.
  • Maintain the temperature of 22-25° C and relative humidity of 85-90 % inside the shed.
  • Observe the beds daily for contamination, if any. The contaminated beds should be removed and destroyed.
  • Similarly, observe regularly for the infestation of insect pests viz., flies, beetles, mites, etc., If noticed, the pesticide like Malathion should be sprayed inside the shed @ 1 ml per liter of water.
  • The fully spawn-run beds can be shifted to cropping room for initiation of buttons.

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