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Mushroom Business Consulting

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Our Services Include 

  • Spawn Lab Set up
  • Substrate Preparation and Optimization 
  • Growing Room Set Up // Maintenance
  • Mushroom Production and Mushroom Marketing 
  • Much more... 

We are providing on-site consultancy for mushroom growers. 

We can help you with lab set up, growing set up. 
We can help you in the production of spawn, production of mushrooms. 

We are offering all services at cheap service charges. 

Duration of Contract
Cost Estimation of Mushroom Units
At start of Project
Oyster Mushroom Spawn Lab Set Up
1-3 months
Oyster Mushroom Growing House Set Up
3-12 months
Button Mushroom Spawn Lab Set Up
1-3 months
Button Mushroom Growing House Set Up
3-12 months
Support and Consultancy for First Three Batches
For free of cost

Contact us on

               9923806933 /9673510343

       9923806933 /9673510343

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