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Schizophyllum commune-Split Gill Mushroom

  • Schizophyllum commune is a species of fungus in the genus Schizophyllum.

  •  The mushroom resembles undulating waves of tightly packed corals or loose chinese fan. ”Gillies” or Split Gills vary from creamy yellow to pale white in colour.

  • The cap is small, 1–4.5 cm wide with a dense yet spongey body texture. 
  • It is known as the split-gill mushroom because of the unique longitudinally divided nature of the gill producing basidospores, which often splits when they dry out and moistened into gills as they shed into spores.

  • It is the only known fungi capable of retracting by movement. This mushroom is found predominantly in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Northeastern India. 

  • It is found in the wild on decaying trees after rainy seasons followed by dry spells where the mushrooms are naturally collected.

  •  It is known for its high medicinal value and aromatic taste profile. 

  • It has recently attracted the medicinal industry for its immunomodulatory, antifungal, antineoplastic and antiviral activities that are higher than those of any other glucan complex carbohydrate.


  • Although European and US guidebooks list it as inedible, this is apparently due to differing standards of taste rather than known toxicity, being regarded with little culinary interest due to its tough texture. S. commune is, in fact, edible and widely consumed in Mexico and elsewhere in the tropics.

  • And in North-East India, the state Manipur called it as "Kanglayen'" and it is one of the favourite ingredients for Manipuri-Pancake Style called "Paaknam".

  •  In Mizoram, the local name is "Pasi" (pa means mushroom,si means tiny) and it is one of the highest rated edible mushrooms among the Mizo community. 

  • The authors explain the preference for tough, rubbery mushrooms in the tropics as a consequence of the fact that tender, fleshy mushrooms quickly rot in the hot humid conditions there, making their marketing problematic.

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