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What is the mushroom diet and how does it help with weight loss?

  • Wondering what exactly is the M-plan? Reportedly, dieters on the M-plan replace one meal per day with a mushroom-based meal. 

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  • Proponents of the diet claim that following the M-plan for 14 days helps you lose weight from your hips and thighs but not from your bust. 
  • Apparently, the weight loss plan seems to be perfect for those who want to have slimmer thighs and tinier waistlines but maintain their cleavage. 
  • While on the mushroom diet, you can opt for a variety of mushrooms - white mushrooms ( also called Agaricus mushrooms), button mushrooms, meaty portabello mushrooms. 
  • You can also incorporate more exotic types like chanterelle, shiitake, or crimini into your eating plan.
  • According to a research published in the journal Appetite, mushrooms may be for filling than meat when matched in terms of protein content.
  •  The study found that participants reported less hunger, greater feelings of fullness and decreased prospective consumption after a mushroom-rich breakfast compared to a meat breakfast.
  • This indicates that mushrooms are a natural weight loss food and substituting them for meat in some meals can help you consume fewer calories and lose more body fat.
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