Biobritte plans first National Mushroom Workshop at Pune | May 2020

Biobritte agro solutions private limited with collaboration of Mush-Conference. Biobritte is top mushroom company in western maharashtra region which is first to teach professional and scientific mushroom farming focussed to reach and create huge awareness in scientific community about mushrooms. 

Biobritte named Mushroom workshop as 

First Mushroom National Workshop | Opportunities in Mushroom Sector Pune May 2020

  • Track 1 | Mushroom Biology
  • Track 2 | Mushroom Cultivation Techniques
  • Track 3 | Mushrooms Post-Harvest Operations
  • Track 4 | Mushrooms Value Added Products
  • Track 5 | Mushrooms are Super foods
  • Track 6 | Mushrooms are future medicines 
  • Track 7 | Mushrooms in Industrial Applications

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