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#DXN has introduced DXN Reishi Gano Tea which is blended with high quality #Reishi Gano powder.
DXN #Reishi Gano Tea has no added preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings.
It also invigorates your mind and body and you will also be delighted with its exceptional flavour and pleasant aroma. Longing for a flavoursome cup of tea?

Indulge in DXN Reishi Gano Tea.

Benefits of #Reishi mushrooms here:

1. Boost the Immune System
2. Anti-Cancer Properties
3. Could Fight Fatigue and Depression
4. Heart health
5. Blood Pressure control
6.anti-oxidant properties
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Price- 310 Rs + Shipping costs if applicable
#DXN Reishi Gano Tea