Nutrients Required for Oyster Mushroom Growing | Alternatives to sawdust | Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

High nutrients substrate required in oyster mushroom cultivation. The oyster mushroom substrate usually uses sawdust. Oyster mushroom producers usually use sawdust as a planted media. Alternatively, rice straw has the same nutrients as sawdust. Rice straw contains 27% hemicelluloses, 39% cellulose, 12% lignin, and 11% dust.

Hemicelluloses and cellulose are composed monomers of sugar such as glucose. The rice straw is considered as compost heap that interferes with tillage and the next planting. The rice straw is vegetative parts of rice plants which formed by stems and leaves and potentially used as a white oyster mushroom planting media. This can be usefull in reducting the composting heap.

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