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Here are ten reasons why we should eat mushrooms. 

Mushrooms come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors. 
The ones that aren’t toxic happen to be quite healthy, and tasty too. For many years they’ve been used for their unique ability to add flavor in lots of different cultures’ cuisines. Although they’re actually fungi, mushrooms are lumped in the vegetable category for cooking purposes. Mushrooms allow you to add extra taste without sodium or fat.The most common types found in grocery stores are:

  • shiitake
      • portobello
      • crimini
      • button or white mushroom
      • oyster
     • enoki
     • beech
     • maitake

They each have a unique look and taste.

1.     They’ll Keep You Regular They are full of fiber, which is crucial for keeping the bowls regular and for flushing toxins out of the body.

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2.     They Can Lower Blood Sugar – The high fiber content of mushrooms, along with their natural insulin and enzymes, have been shown to help improve blood sugar levels in diabetics.

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3.     They’re Good for Heart Health – The fiber, potassium, and vitamin C in mushrooms are all good for the heart. These nutrients work together to regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

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4.     They Can Help with Weight Management – Another benefit to the high fiber content of mushrooms is that the body will feel satiated longer, resulting in less of an appetite. 

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5.     They’ll Give Your Immune System a Boost They contain beta-glucan, which can protect against colds, the flu, and other viruses. They also contain selenium, which can boost the body’s production of killer T-cells. Shiitake, portobello, oyster and reishi mushrooms contain lentinan, which can help stimulate the immune system. 

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6.     They’re Known to Fight Cancer The immune boosting compounds in mushrooms are known to fight cancer cells and prevent tumors from forming. Studies have shown that eating mushrooms on a regular can decreased the risk of breast, stomach, bladder and colon cancers. White buttons in particular have been shown to significantly suppress breast cancer growth.

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7.     They’re Full of Antioxidants – Antioxidants are substances that fight free radicals in the body, and mushrooms are loaded with them!

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8.     They Can Speed Up the Metabolism They are chock-full of B vitamins, which help the body turn food into fuel. They can also help the body metabolize fats and proteins. 

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9.     They Contain Vitamin D – They are the only vegetable that contains vitamin D. Just like humans, they produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption and immune function, among other things.

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10. They’re Delicious They are also a good source of umami, which is known as the fifth taste. Umami often described as the savory or meaty ‘mouth-filling’ taste, which a lot of foods in the plant world are missing.

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