Mushrooms Improving Human Health and Promoting Quality Life |

Mushrooms have been considered as ingredients of gourmet cuisine across the globe; especially for their unique flavor and have been valued by humankind as a culinary wonder. More than 2,000 species of mushrooms exist in nature, but around 25 are widely accepted as food and few are commercially cultivated. Mushrooms are considered as a delicacy with high nutritional and functional value and they are also accepted as nutraceutical foods; they are of considerable interest because of their organoleptic merit, medicinal properties, and economic significance. However, there is not an easy distinction between edible and medical mushrooms because many of the common edible species have therapeutic properties and several used for medical purposes are also edible.

Mushrooms could be an alternative source of new antimicrobial compounds, mainly secondary metabolites, such as terpenes, steroids, anthraquinones, benzoic acid derivatives, and quinolones, but also of some primary metabolites like oxalic acid, peptides, and proteins. Lentinus edodes is the most studied species and seems to have an antimicrobial action against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

A large variety of mushrooms have been utilized traditionally in many different cultures for the maintenance of health, as well as in the prevention and treatment of diseases through their immunomodulatory and antineoplastic properties. In the last decade, the interest in the pharmaceutical potential of mushrooms have been increased rapidly, and it has been suggested that many mushrooms are like mini-pharmaceutical factories producing compounds with miraculous biological properties. Also, the expanded knowledge of the molecular basis of tumorigenesis and metastasis has allowed discovering new drugs against abnormal molecular and biochemical signals leading to cancer.

A balanced diet is supporting treatment for the prevention of illness and especially against oxidative stress. In this context, mushrooms have a long history of use in oriental medicine to prevent and fight numerous diseases.

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