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Buy Pleurotus Sajorcaju mushroom kit.

Facts of oyster mushrooms:-
The Oyster mushroom has some amazing properties one of which is that it is a carnivorous mushroom that traps and ingests nematode worms to provide it with nitrogen and other useful chemicals.
The Pleurotus family contain statins which are thought to help reduce cholesterol.
Another is the fact that they have the ability to clean up pollution by hydrocarbons like petrol and oil which is quite incredible.

1. Cap
 Convex and shell-shaped when young opening out flatter with wavy, sometimes split edges. Smoky grey/silver/brown.

2. Gills
 White but turning slightly yellow and running most of the way down the stem. Crowded.

3. Stem
 White and opening out to the cap when present as sometimes the cap appears to comes straight from the tree.

4. Flesh
 White. Tough in the stem.

5. Habitat
 Deciduous trees, particularly beech. Grows in large shelf-like clusters on stumps and fallen wood.

6. Possible Confusion
Other oyster mushrooms which can be pink, white, pictured, or yellow. These are all edible.
Oysterlings look similar but never grow more than four centimeters across. This is usually funnel-shaped with a split so the funnel is incomplete. 

7. Spore Print
 Lilac. Cylindrical.

8. Taste / Smell
 Excellent. Mushroomy.

9. Frequency
 Fairly common.

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