How to make mushroom bhaji | mushroom recipes

How to make mushroom bhaji.

(in Indian cuisine) a small flat cake or ball of vegetables, fried in batter.‘Little stalls on wheels serve up ‘tiffin’: banana chips, grilled corn on the cob on a stick, vegetable bhajis, bhel puri, little rice batter puffs with a stew of channa poured into them.’Buy online edible mushrooms at an affordable price. You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart. Fresh & dry organic mushrooms are the feature of Biobritte mushrooms.

Many times vegetarian peoples think that nonvegetarian peoples have so many options in non-veg food, then what about veg food?

So, don't worry! Mushroom is a very good source/option for vegetarians! mushrooms have nutritional values and there are various sources of making mushrooms.

  1. Mushroom hot & sour soup
  2. Mushroom Biryani
  3. Mushroom masala recipe
  4. Mushroom fry 
  5. Mushroom cream soup, etc,.

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