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Mushroom seeds in  Pune.

So which type of mushroom spawn is best for your project? The answer depends on what you're doing. Mushroom spawn bag with straw A general rule of thumb is to match your spawn to your substrate. For example, if you want to grow mushrooms on logs, a wood-based spawn such as plugs or sawdust is best. The argument is that the mycelium is already familiar with this material, reducing colonization time. Certain mushrooms also grow better on certain substrates. Before starting, research the types of mushrooms you want to grow to see which substrate to use. Buy mushroom spawns from the Biobritte store. You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart.

Mushroom spawn is a "use it or lose it" product and rarely lasts beyond 2 months. Spawn should come to you with a date of inoculation on it. Pay attention to this date, as degradation due to mold, bacteria, and waste products will happen quickly.

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