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Mushroom spawn shop in Pune.

An 8-cm mushroom produces as many as 40 million spores an hour. Since spores germinate and grow into mycelium rather unpredictably, they are not used to 'seed' mushroom compost. Spores will germinate and grow into thread-like mycelium that is used by laboratories to produce spawn commercially. You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart. Buy the best quality mushroom spawns from the Biobritte. Safe packing and online delivery service are available.

Biobritte supply the following types of mushroom spawns.:-

    1.oyster mushroom spawns
    2.ganoderma mushroom spawns
    3.shittake mushroom spawns
    4.lion's mane mushroom spawns
    5.milky mushroom spawns

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