How to Select & Store Mushrooms?

How to Select & Store Mushrooms?

Select fresh ones that have no discoloration or bruises. Select mushrooms that are firm with a fresh, smooth appearance. The surfaces of the mushroom should be dry, but not dried out, and appear plump. A closed veil under the mushroom cap indicates a delicate flavor, while an open veil and exposed gills mean a richer flavor.

1. Always opt for sealed products from reputable companies or those in which you have grown yourself under controlled conditions after buying their seeds (spawns) from a trusted source. Do not trust any unknown vendors when you buy mushrooms.

2. Don't ever try picking them for consumption from the woods unless you have been trained to identify the variety.

3. Many mushrooms, when picked in the wild, contain heavy metals, as well as air and water pollutants, which can be very toxic.

4. They have the unique ability to absorb the material that they grow on, either good or bad. This quality is what gives them so much of their nutritive qualities, but also may make them dangerous for health.

5. Store them in a paper bag or tea towel in a refrigerator or a cool place. Use them within a few days of purchase.

The secret to mushroom storage is that they stay fresh longer if you take them out of their container. Wrap them in paper towels placed in open plastic bags (paper bags are even better) and keep them in the fridge.

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