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Are mushrooms vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

The question must be cleared, whether mushroom itself is vegetarian or non-vegetarian as we humans. 

Or it comes under the non-veg food or veg food category.

Mushrooms grow in decayed plants. 

So it is vegetarian. 

Yet cordyceps species attacks live caterpillars and grows inside them. 

So it is a non-veg category too. 

It consumes plants and insects.

As food for humans, it neither falls under the veg nor under a non-veg category. 

It is simply fungi. 

It has its one’s category in the living system. 

That is fungi. yet it resembles around 40- 50 % with humans in DNA sequencing, where plants resemble only around 10% with humans.

So it is wise to eat more mushrooms than plants.

So here now, both veg and non-veg people can consume mushrooms. 

No need to think about its nature. If you feel good to eat it (vegetarian people) then eat it. 

If not, then don't eat it. Please do not argue with it. 

It is simply fungus. No plant no animal.

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