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In 2018, Soham mane, a resident of Gulberga, Karnataka, quit his job as a computer operator and decided to become a farmer. However, he wanted to do something different, so he decided to begin cultivating mushrooms.

“In Gulberga, everyone is a farmer but not many cultivated mushrooms at that time. I got interested in them after reading several articles that suggested that has medicinal properties that can prevent iron deficiency and,” begins Soham, who was diagnosed with polio at the age of 2.

So, he started an oyster mushroom farming unit in his home after reading about their high nutritional value. In the following months, he learned the various techniques involved in mushroom cultivation, and also approached other growers who lived in the same village to mentor him.

During these discussions, he identified two major issues he could face while cultivating the edible fungi:

The ‘Mycelium’, a fungus-like bacteria that grows into a mushroom, could catch a disease within the first 10-days, which means the mushroom would not grow. To prevent the spread of the disease, 100 yards around this one fungus would have to be cleared.

Once the mushroom was harvested, it had to be sold within 10 hours.

“After several months of experimenting, I mastered the harvesting system. Using my personal savings as the investment, I started to put together machinery for a humidifier, to maintain room temperature. I also mastered the method of cultivating fungus in bags to ensure it did not catch any disease in the first 10-days. After this, it needs to be watered in regular intervals, for one week. Secondly, to ensure no mushroom goes to waste, I experimented with dried mushroom powder to make a variety of by-products,” says Soham.

He managed to successfully produce 20 by-products with the support of Biobritte mushrooms and Biobritte's mushroom buyback facility.

You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart.

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