Mushroom spawn training in Bengaluru | Mushroom spawn supply | Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom spawn training in Bengaluru

Biobritte provide mushroom spawn training with the following details:-

Spawn production course: Production of pure tissue cultures, production of Mother spawn, Cultivation spawn, Spawn unit layout, Mechanization of spawn production, prevention of contamination, and quality control of spawn.

Mushroom cultivation course: Commercial cultivation technology of button (no practical), oyster, milky, shiitake, King Oyster, Reishi mushrooms, Nutritive and medicinal properties, post-harvest packaging and management, mushroom product development, Marketing, Machinery and equipment for mushroom farm, farm layout, Disease and pest management, cultivation of lesser-known mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, Mushroom cultivation for differentially able people.

Note :

Registration is necessary

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Contact :- 9923806933 / 7709709816

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