What are the principles and phases of mushroom cultivation?

Mushroom cultivation is a technical process. 

As Biobritte mushroom professionals often talk in a technical language, a few of these terms will first be explained.

Phase 1: Composting

The growing cycle of mushrooms starts with compost. Compost preparation starts with horse manure. 

Phase 2: Spawning

In a tunnel, the indoor fresh compost is pasteurized at 57-60 degrees Celsius. This kills all possible bacteria. The compost stays in the tunnel to mature for six days, after which the compost is mixed with spawn that will produce the mushrooms: the mycelium. 

Phase 3: Casing

The matured compost is spread onto long stainless steel boxes, the mushroom beds. The beds are inside special dark rooms called cells. The temperature in the cells is kept nice and warm, at about 23 degrees Celsius. A layer of peat casing material is added on top of the compost to keep the compost moist.

Phase 4: Pinning

The mycelium starts to form little buds, which will develop into mushrooms. Those little white buds are called pins. In this phase, air temperature and humidity can influence growth. 

Phase 5: Harvesting

After this, the temperature is kept steady at 18 degrees Celsius. Mushrooms grow best at this temperature; they’ will grow 3 cm (1 inch) in a week, which is the normal size for harvesting. In week 3 the first flush is harvested. Mushrooms destined for selling fresh are still harvested by hand; mushrooms destined for preserving are being picked and sorted mechanically.

Mushrooms cultivation is a true profession!

Mushroom farms receive the spawn in the exact composition they requested. The same goes for the casing. However, this doesn’t mean that mushroom growers of today have an easy life. Mushroom cultivation is not just a matter of setting the climate control dials and waiting for the mushrooms to grow. 

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