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All though, the study indicated that the nature of problems varies with the extent and type of mushroom growing yet the general problems being faced by mushroom growers and farmers could be listed as the following:

A) Problems of large mushroom growers

The problems of large mushroom growers are different from the small, marginal, seasonal growers/farmers.

The major problems of large mushroom growers are as under:- 

i) Lack of good quality spawn

The yield of mushrooms to a great extent depends upon the quality of spawn. Good quality of spawn should be free from diseases with high yield potential. The non-availability of quality spawn is a common problem of large mushroom growers. 

ii) Uncontrolled price structure of the mushroom

When there is a glut in the market, the price of mushroom falls down to Rs. 20-30/kg but as the demand increases or shortage of mushrooms in the market, the prices rise up to Rs. 60-70/kg. 

iii) Lack of common facility for pre-cooling and storage of fresh mushroom

This is also a severe problem being experienced by large mushroom growers. During the peak production period, growers are unable to dispose of their fresh mushroom on the same day and they are forced to keep it for the next day.

iv) High transportation charges

Although, agro and animal wastes are available in plenty in India their availability is not evenly distributed. Due to the diversified climate and topography of the land, different kinds of crops are raised in different parts of the country. 

v) Commercial rate of electricity tariff

Similarly, both small and big mushroom growers have to pay electricity charges at a commercial rate, although mushroom farming is an agricultural activity. Many times it has been highlighted by the concerned scientific community during scientific gatherings, seminars, meetings, etc. This has led to a high cost of production due to increased capital as well as recurring expenditure on mushroom farming.

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