How do you store spawn bags? | Mushroom spawns | Biobritte mushroom spawns

Spawn is a living product!

The storage lifespan of spawn depends on:
  • the strain 
  • the storage temperature 
  • the way it is stored 

Upon arrival:  at Mycelia’s the bags of spawn are individually refrigerated at 0°C and packaged for shipment at the last moment.

The temperature of the spawn on the pallets is measured just before shipment and indicated on the shipping bill (CMR). 

In order be sure that the shipping was correctly carried out, and to have evidence in case of dispute, the temperature should be measured again upon arrival and indicated on the same CMR.

We advise against ordering spawn which is to be stored months before use. 

The extra shipping costs will be largely compensated by the extra yield and/or the lower production risk.

Each package of spawn carries an identification label on which strain number, line and inoculation data are specified. 

Please keep these references in your production records to allow traceability whenever necessary.

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