Can the reishi mushroom cure cancer? | Ganoderma mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center

The Chinese and Japanese have for centuries used reishi for fighting cancer, though it is mostly used for prevention. 

Reishi is responsible for apoptosis, ie reminding cancer cells to die. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells are renegade cells that multiply with no mechanism for cell death. 

Reishi is an adaptogen whose main aim is to restore homeostasis: the state of natural wellbeing. 

For this reason, reishi will have different effecs on different people. It can induce a sense of peace in those experiencing stress, promotes restful sleep, and in my case got rid of the dandruff l had had for two decades. 

In two friends experiencing early hair graying, less gray hair and thickening of it within three weeks. 

In a Sino-Japanese study on rats, reishi slowed the progression of cancer by 25%, while those taking reishi and green tea extract experienced a 49% slow down, mostly likely a synergistic effect. 

It is important that the supplement is an extract and not the cheaper powder, as in the latter, the fiber within might block absorption.

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