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There are a number of ways by which some people claim to be able to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones —tests such as the blackening of a silver fork or of a silver coin placed in the pot where the fungi are cooking, or involving such easily visible characters as the color of the cap or the gills or the presence of a cup at the base of the stem, or the even more subtle characters of odor, texture, or season of appearance. 

Each will swear by his own particular test and will submit as evidence of its efficacy to his own health and well-being after he has picked and eaten wild mushrooms for years. 

This is obvious proof that the mushrooms he ate were edible; it does not prove that those he avoided or discarded were not just as good as those he ate. 

Such tests will seem to be authentic if poisonous species are so UNCOM convicted as poisonous by any of these tests might well have been edible and delicious. 

In fact, it can be stated flatly that no one of these tests, nor all of them put together, will serve to separate the poisonous kinds from the edible. 

For the proof of the mushroom is in the eating. Some kinds are known to be edible because people have eaten them without ill effects, and others are known to be poisonous because when eaten they have caused illness. 

In this respect, mushrooms do not differ from other poisonous plants, such as water hemlock and deadly nightshade. 

There is no external sign by which we can see that water hemlock is fatal if eaten, and we know that it is only because people in the past have been poisoned by it and their survivors have described the plant accurately enough so that others might recognize and avoid it.


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