Ganoderma Mushroom Growth Stages

New growth on the leading edge comes in as white and gradually changes to red-orange.  

Young mushrooms that are rapidly growing may be mostly white as they emerge from the wood.  The bright red-orange cap that is characteristic of hemlock reishi will come as they mature. 

As reishi get older, their flesh becomes tougher and the bright cap begins to dull.  

On my land, reishi rarely make it more than a few days before the slugs begin to devour them.  

The harvest season in central Vermont is right around the summer solstice, and I go out daily to make sure I catch the mushrooms before they’re slug eaten.

Reishi grows horizontally out of their host log, often with a very short or non-existent stem.  They have a strong but pleasant woodsy scent, a bit like decomposing leaf mulch. 

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