How much Ganoderma should I take daily? | Ganoderma Lucidium | Biobritte mushrooms

How much Ganoderma should I take daily?

The recommended reishi mushroom dosage can vary based on the type of supplement that you choose to use. 

When eaten fresh, the dosage can range between 25–100 grams daily. 

Conversely, reishi mushroom capsules, powders, and extract forms contain more concentrated doses and require smaller amounts to achieve the same results.

Most studies have found that two to nine grams of mushroom extract in the form of reishi mushroom powder, capsules, or tinctures are enough to positively impact health. 

However, supplements can contain varying amounts of reishi extract, so it’s best to follow the instructions on your specific dosage listed on your supplement to make sure you get the right amount.

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