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Russian Mushroom Use

In the Russian Far East, in the Kamchatka peninsula, both ethnic minorities and Russians hunt for mushrooms. 

The Russians are looking for edible mushrooms; the Koryaks are only looking for the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria). 

The Russians consider the fly agaric to be very poisonous. 

The Koryaks ignore the edible mushrooms collected by the Russians and pick, dry, barter, or buy only the fly agaric. 

This mushroom is the spiritual mushroom, non plus ultra of all the different minority peoples of the Kamchatka peninsula. 

It is eaten for the powers, both physical and spiritual, that it is believed able to confer on those who consume it. 

Siberian shamans use the fly agaric in a poultice applied externally to wounds or infections, and internally to enable them to leave the body and "fly" over the earth, up into the heavens, and down below ground, to meet long-dead ancestors. 

Both the Russians and the ethnic minorities, then, are mycophilic, but they differ in just about every other way.

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