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Chaga used in folk medicine in Russia, Poland, and the Baltic

countries as a cleansing and disinfecting supplement. 

It is prepared in decoction for stomach diseases, intestinal worms, liver and heart ailments, and cancer treatment. 

Russians have used the mushroom since the 16th century to treat various cancers; the preparation Befungin (available online), an alcohol extract, has been sold in Russia as a cancer treatment since the 1960s. 

In Siberia, chaga extract and tea have been used for hundreds of years to treat stomach diseases,liver problems, worms, and tuberculosis; it still enjoys popularity as a health protecting tonic. 

Folk practitioners suggest chaga found on birch (versus othertrees) has best qualities. 

Cree called the mushroom “wiskakeeak omikih”—the scab thrown against a tree to benefit mankind. 

The mushroom incense for smudging ceremonies kept tobacco burning in ritual pipe smoking. 

Also used instead of hops in beer making.

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