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Edible mushroom supplier

Biobritte mushrooms supplier of Edible & medicinal mushrooms and seeds.

It also provides the following mushroom products and services.

  • Mushroom seeds/spawns
  • Mushroom cultivation training
  • Mushroom kits
  • Fresh & dry mushrooms
  • Mushroom contract farming
  • Mushroom buyback
  • Mushroom consultancy
  • Mushrooms online shop ( free shipping )
  • Mushroom products
You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart.

Biobritte mushrooms offer weekly workshops on mushroom cultivation.

Spawn making, medicinal mushrooms, and wild edible mushroom identification learn from the Biobritte mushroom center. 

For any queries or information contact or visit now!


For more info contact on  7709709816 or 9923806933.

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