Mushroom Business Idea | Scope of Mushroom Business in India

The edible mushrooms cultivation is a biotechnological intervention for the conversion of various lignocellosic agro-wastes into proteins. 

The commercial mushroom cultivation is an appropriate agribusiness, suiting the agro-climatic conditions of India.

Its cultivation involves low-cost eco-friendly technology wherein locally available farm wastes are utilized as raw material. 

The temperate climate conditions prevailing in India are quite conducive for mushroom cultivation almost throughout the year. 

Added advantage is that the venture is least dependent on electricity. 

Being a labour intensive indoor activity, mushroom cultivation generates sufficient employment for unemployed youth and provides support to women folk and other weaker section of the society. 

Mushrooms not only contribute in meeting the human food requirement but also have enormous medicinal and pharmaceutical value. 

Mushrooms are well-suited to supplement diets which lack proteins and in sense they are rightly called “vegetable meat”. 

Carbohydrate and fat contents of edible mushrooms are quite low. Owing to these attributes, these serve as low-caloric diet recommended to heart patients. 

The absence of starch in mushroom makes it an ideal food for diabetic patients and owing to its cholesterol-reducing property, mushrooms are ideal for the persons worried about their fattiness. 

The polysaccharides present in mushrooms have anti-tumour and immunological properties. 

The vitamin contents in mushrooms are comparable with most vegetables. Mineral contents in mushrooms are higher than fruits and vegetables. 

India is primarily agriculture based country blessed with a varied agro-climate, abundance of agricultural waste and manpower, making it most suitable for cultivation of all types of temperate, subtropical and tropical mushrooms. 

It can profitably be started by landless farmers, unemployed youths and other entrepreneurs. Mushroom cultivation is not only of economic importance but also has important role to play in integrated rural development programme by increasing income and self-employment opportunities.

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