Mushroom farm in Pandharpur | Mushroom spawn in pandharpur | Mushroom cultivation training pandharpur

Biobritte is top mushroom farm products and services company in Pandharpur. 


We supply mushroom spawn or mushroom seeds/ mushrooms. Biobritte also guide new mushroom farmers and enterprises. 


We supply different types of mushroom spawn & kits

  • White Oyster mushroom spawn & kits
  • Blue Oyster mushroom spawn & kits
  • Grey Oyster mushroom spawn & kits
  • Pink Oyster mushroom spawn & kits
  • King Oyster mushroom spawn & kits
  • Ganoderma mushroom spawn & kits
  • Shittake mushroom spawn  & kits
  • Split Gill mushroom spawn  & kits

We also provide different mushroom training services

  • Oyster mushroom cultivation training
  • Milky mushroom cultivation training
  • Ganoderma mushroom cultivation training
  • Shittake mushroom cultivation training
  • Cordyceps mushroom cultivation training

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