Shittake Mushrooms Information | Lentinula Edodes

 Lentinula edodes is currently the most widely cultivated mushroom in the world.

Modern cultivation technologies and traditional methods of cultivation on wood are used in parallel, both in a mass and on a commercial scale. 

The name “shiitake” refers to the Japanese name of the tree “shii” on which L. edodes is naturally present (Castanopsis cuspidata, Fagaceae) and “take,” which means “mushroom”.

This species is one of the best-researched mushrooms in terms of its pro-health properties, and its effectiveness in treating or supporting the treatment of a number of diseases has been confirmed. 

The strong immuno-stimulatory effect of the extracts from its mycelium and fruiting bodies is a prerequisite for the effective support of cancer treatment, as well as for combating various bacterial and viral infections. 

Its most potent active substances are polysaccharides, viz., LEM, isolated only from the mycelium, lentinan, registered as a dietary supplement, and specific substances such as eritadenine or lentysine, which exhibit cardio-protective effects Lentinula edodes is also a valuable source of wholesome protein and B vitamins, as well as macro- and microelements, especially potassium, calcium, zinc, and selenium.

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