What are some good recipes to cook with button mushrooms? | Button Mushroom Recipe

Mushroom is a kind of fungus and does not have a taste, but when cooked with spices and various other ingredients it tastes amazing.

The recipes that I have worked with mushroom are stuffed mushroom, spicy mushroom rice Indian style, creamy mushroom pasta.

Here is one of the recipes I am sharing

For stuffed Mushroom following is the recipe:-


·       1 Packet of Mushrooms

·       1/2 cup Grated cheese

·       1 cup of Spinach cut into thin stripes

·       100 gms Grated Sweet corn

·       1/2 tsp Black pepper Powder

·       Salt According to taste

·       1 tsp Garlic Paste

·       2 tsp Coriander Paste

·       1 Tbsp Butter


·       1st Clean the mushrooms and remove the stems to make a hollow space.

·       Then take a pan and heat on medium heat for a minute, add butter, garlic paste and coriander paste into it and sautey it for about 2 mins.

·       After this add spinach, grated corn, black pepper powder and salt to it, cook it for a few mins.

·       When the mixture is cooked take the pan off the gas and let it cool.

·       Then stuff this mixture into the mushrooms and top it with grated cheese.

·       Now again take a pan, coat it with butter and then put the mushrooms in the pan and bake it for 5–10 mins on medium heat or else you can bake it in the oven also.