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Medicinal Mushrooms potential Applications.

The accumulated secondary metabolites in medicinal mushrooms have been widely accepted as sources of safe and effective nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. 

Medicinal and edible mushrooms are foods appreciated for their exquisite flavor and medicinal properties. 

Medicinal and edible mushrooms are mostly found in the higher basidiomycetes, and they usually have a saprophytic and aerobic growth habit, which allows them to grow on different lignocellulosic materials. 

Fungi as a kingdom have a very diverse group of living organisms found across all ecosystems. 

Mushrooms are originally defined as macrofungi with a distinctive fruiting body, which is large enough to be seen with the naked eye and picked by hand.

Mushrooms are foods that are commonly consumed since the earliest history; ancient Greeks believed that mushrooms are a source of strength for warriors in battle; the Romans regard mushrooms as the “Food of the Gods” served them only on festive occasions.

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