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We offer substantive and effective consulting and training. 

We provide consulting for site selection, construction planning, lab design, growing house set up, laboratory method, growing method, & marketing. 

Besides that we can help you in staffing and staff training things.

The Biobritte team has extensive experience in the design and construction of facilities for the industrial cultivation of different types of mushrooms.

In the past we have built a variety of facilities in diverse climatic conditions that enabled us to acquire professional competence in all aspects related to the industrial cultivation of mushrooms. 

We can also offer professional consulting support and training anywhere in the world tailored to the individual needs of the client and the specifics of the facility, either existing or new.

Mushroom Consultancy services worldwide

Our services includes

 Site visit and Analysis

 Project report preparation

 Identifying farm land location

 Project layout design

 Cost effective infrastructure design

 Cost effective harvesting technology, packing methodology

 Short & Long term storages Pest management, Post harvest

handling, Seed/Spawn preparation techniques, Identifying compost

and growing requirement machinery

 Design of the building according to the location

 Air-conditioning simulation for the requirement

 Sourcing the raw materials

 Modernize growing room design with climate controlled

 Manpower selection and training program

 Process technique requirements for spawn, compost/substrate and

mushroom growing process

 Trial run for first batch of mushrooms

 Fine tuning the output

 Handover the project

 End to end solution from composting growing packing of mushrooms

 Virtual Consulting

Virtual Consulting

We are providing one to one virtual consulting. We can help you to begin and plan mushroom start up. We also provide consultancy for sick projects. Technical consulting is also available. reach us for more information.

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For more details contact by phone or whatsapp: 

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